The Abundance Journey Show

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Building Love with Holly McNeill

Unlock the secrets to building health and strength through mindfulness and meditation practices in this captivating podcast episode with Holly McNeil. As an accomplished architect with 26 years of experience managing global hospital projects, Holly shares her transformative journey from architectural prowess to the creation of the groundbreaking PER LOVE Formula. This formula, encompassing mindfulness […]

Sharing Your Gifts in a Book with Sue Kennedy

In this enlightening podcast episode, host Elaine Starling dives deep into the world of book authoring with Sue Kennedy, the CEO of Author Academy, Sue Kennedy Publishing, and the Author Academy Bookstore. Together, they unravel the transformative power of storytelling and how it can change lives.    Sue’s remarkable journey, from a place of despair […]

Unlocking Abundance Through Adversity with Matthew Scigousky

Elaine Starling welcomes the inspiring Matthew Scigousky whose journey is nothing short of extraordinary! Misdiagnosed with MS at just six months old and facing multiple surgeries due to a spinal tumor, Matthew emerged as a true embodiment of resilience. Matthew’s determination to rise above physical challenges led him to become a competitive ski racer and excel […]

Choosing Higher Consciousness with Elaine Starling

Join Elaine Starling in this powerful episode as she poses a profound question: Are you choosing love and consciousness amidst the world’s conflicts and challenges? Discover how maintaining a higher level of consciousness can impact not only your life but also the world at large.  Elaine shares a transformative Intention and explains its significance in […]

Channeling Your Best Life with Katherine Flynn

Join us on an extraordinary journey as we unlock the power of direct connection with The Divine. In this captivating episode, we’re thrilled to chat with Katherine Flynn, a remarkable channeler, intuitive life purpose coach, psychic medium, and artist. Her unique abilities provide channeled wisdom and grounded guidance straight from the source. Discover how Katherine […]

Mastering Your Power with Cornelia Kawann

In this mesmerizing podcast episode, Cornelia Kawann shares how her professional expertise as an electrical engineer was transformed into learning how to control Personal Energy after a health scare. Cornelia learned to master a realm of energy and frequencies she had never known before – the quantum field.   As she delved deeper into this […]

Highly Sensitive to Highly Successful with Megan Nolan

Your entrepreneurial experiences are a testament to the transformative power of personal development. Elaine Starling and Megan Nolan discuss how to overcome the challenges of anxiety, depression, and stress that many listeners can relate to. Studies reveal that a significant percentage of entrepreneurs grapple with challenges such as ADD, ADHD, anxiety, depression, and bipolar disorder. […]

Having it All with Vicki Viccora

In this captivating episode, Vicki Viccora shares her inspiring journey from a place of self-doubt and low self-worth to becoming a transformational coach, highlighting the pivotal role self-love and self-discovery played in her life. She also discusses the shift from a traditional nine-to-five job to pursuing one’s true passions and potential. Vicki’s coaching approach focuses […]

The Gratitude Worksheet

In this captivating episode, join Elaine Starling as she explores the incredible power of daily gratitude and how it can transform your life. Discover the art of setting Intentions and the profound impact it can have on your day. Elaine takes you on a journey into the quantum field, where your Intentions become a powerful […]

The Map of Consciousness Explained

Step into the realm of higher consciousness with our latest podcast episode, “The Map of Consciousness Explained.” In this enlightening episode, I share the profound wisdom of Dr. David Hawkins, a renowned psychiatrist and spiritual luminary. Through excerpts from his transformative book, “The Map of Consciousness Explained,” we unravel the extraordinary story of Dr. Hawkins’ […]